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Our main products include complex automotive stamping dies (progressive, tandem, and mechanical transfer) for Advanced High Strength Steel and Aluminum alloy parts. The SKD team has the full range of expertise to manufacture dies from Class A outer body panels to Class C unexposed structural stamping parts. SKD facilities are well equipped with fully automated 5-Meter CNC’s, large bed mechanical presses with tonnage up to 1600T as well as inspection equipment such as CMM’s and laser scanners.

SKD has been building and shipping dies to OEM’s in over 20 countries worldwide since 2001. The SKD team is very familiar with automotive procedures and tooling standards for both the international and domestic market. SKD provides homeline commissioning services to customers to ensure dies can run at rate and produce quality parts with their equipment.

Below are examples of die projects SKD completed in the past.


Mechanical Transfer

Hand Transfer